Other Links of Fun & Interest from the WWW

He For She   Emma Watson's plea for gender equality at the UN 

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes   What do we not hear? How do we not act?

Fum and Gedra   Sadly, Fum passed away sometime after I originally posted this link.  Still, there are photos of Fum (the cat) & Gedra (the owl) on the site that show their wonderful friendship and how we can all get along despite our differences.  I hope you take a look and enjoy.

Playing for Change    Connecting the World Through Music

Robin red breast en famile   A delightful and amazing video

Brainpickings   Filled with fascinating stuff

Thirteen IndigenousGrandmothers    Peace and healing for the Earth and All

The Mindfulness Bell    You don't have to buy one, it's right here for your meditation practice

Sign the Global Declaration of Interdependence

Improv Everywhere NYC    What can I say?  Laughter is good for the soul

Humans of New York    Enjoy thousands of great photos of every day people in NYC

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