Services Provided

My practice provides psychotherapy for individuals and couples.  My training includes Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Clinical Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, and EMDR incorporated into a psychodynamic foundation.  This integrated approach can guide you and provide tools to help you regain balance in any area of your life in which you are struggling or simply have questions for yourself and desire a deeper understanding of who you are, including though not limited to ~ 

      ~ anxiety
~ parenting
~ depression
~ relationships
~ loss and grief
~ life transitions
~ pregnancy and childbirth
~ somatic and stress related disorders
~ upcoming surgery, medical or dental
~ feeling stuck anywhere or everywhere
~ living with a serious and/or chronic illness
~ hypnotic preparation for childbirth and surgery
~ healing from childhood neglect, abuse, abandonment
~ a desire to know yourself more deeply for any reason
~ problems or dissatisfaction with your job, work or career
~ aftereffects of a physical trauma such as a fall, motor vehicle accident or assault

Using current research and information about the human mind, brain and nervous system and the mind-body connection, as well as a deep understanding of human internal and interpersonal dynamics, I combine years of training and experience to help you move in the direction you wish in your life.  As well, my personal journey through life and my experiences in therapy over the years have taught me the importance of presence to attune to who you are, what you would like to accomplish, and help you find the best way to increase resilience and achieve your goals.

Sessions are weekly and progress will depend on several things including your commitment to attendance and the work.  Because your request for my services is voluntary, I assume you have the desire and commitment to change, recover from, or prepare for something in your life.  I am available to explore your goals and how you can reach them, with the understanding that I can make no guarantee about the outcome of treatment, or predict a specific result for you.  It is important to understand that while I have certain skills and experience which I fully share with you, it is your commitment and willingness to be open to yourself that will ultimately determine the course of your treatment.

Frequently, the process of healing and change requires getting in touch with difficult emotions.  It is the repression of these emotions that often causes 'symptoms' and difficulties in one's life.  When we release and understand what underlies such feelings from a place of curiosity, free of judgment, the path to healing appears before us.  A  temporary increase in distress may occur, and is often indicative of deep healing and change.

The length of treatment will vary depending on a number of factors.  This is discussed individually at an initial session and remains flexible, as progress is not entirely predictable, and one's personal goals may change during the course of therapy.  Progress will be assessed periodically and treatment planning and goals adjusted as needed.

Most important is the belief that change is possible for each of us no matter what our experience has been

Please note that this site and the information it contains is not to be considered treatment, nor is it intended to replace or substitute for psychotherapy with a licensed professional.

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